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Step One – Load & Structure Stability Calculation

Step Two – Submitted Drawing Approved for Production

Step Three – Production of Final Product


Baked by a specilized and experienced team of engineers and a powerfull set of digital equipments, Al Hamy has the capability to calculate, design and fabricate all types of work no matter how delicate or difficult it is to make.


Once Al Hamy engineers receive the basic proposed drawings for any project, they start working on it’s details in order to cover all missing or not finalized items. Several proposals arise and once finalized the drawing is sent for calucaltion check within the same department. The drawings are done using several types of softwares depending on the type of the fabrication.


If the newly designed drawing is found safe through calculation, the drawing and it’s calcualtion are sent to the consultant for approval. If no remarks arrises from the consusltant then the drawing will be considered as final and cleared for production. If any remark arises from the consultant then revisions will be required until all remarks are cleared.


Using state of the art equipments and softwares, Al Hamy engineering department can calculate and perform calculation verification on given drawing in order to make surte it meet the safety standards and that it is clear for fabrication. the calcualtion starts with the part or structure and ends at each and every bolt or support that will hold the part or structure.

2D & 3D Drawings

At Al Hamy, all the designs are made into 3D in order to verify the design and assembly limitation and assembly constrains. In other word we design the whole project and assemble it virtually in our design department before starting any fabrication. In order to complete this thorough action a huge team and resources where needed.